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We deliver an efficient and effective service tailored to our clients',Circumstances..

GLOBAL HUMAN RESOURCES CONSULTANCY was launched with a sole intention of providing end to end hiring assistance and comprehensive Human Resources solutions. We are abundantly confident of providing Right People at the Right Place. We, at GHRC, assists in providing excellent manpower staffing services to companies across the Gulf countries and provide potential job opportunities for several thousands of job seekers with highly reputed firms in Gulf countries & Middle East.


GHRC provide consistent professional services in an autonomous, impartial and ethical manner. Our main aim has always been to be able to meet client’s requirements with full commitment to performance, quality placements, and prolific results.

Specific Services

Candidate assessment is the process by which an employer evaluates individuals when considering them for an open position. The ultimate goal of candidate assessment is to confirm the candidates are completely compatible with the position he or she is assigned for. GHRC Team regularly meet up our clients and thoroughly understands the requirements in different roles to create performance models followed by choosing the right candidate. After the assessment, we provide an informative feedback to our clients on the competencies of the candidates assessed. GHRC can also provide the guidance to further enhance the efficiency of the candidate once hiring process has been successfully completed.

Company growth and evolution comes with exceptional challenges. GHRC’s strategic services are designed to help companies at these important moments to boost their continued growth and success. There are always challenges to the hiring process, like attracting a well-qualified applicant pool, sifting through resumes without losing the focus, getting the right questions answered in the interview and quickly finalize the decision to hire so you don’t lose the candidate to another employer. Hiring assistance services offered by GHRC is a unique way to reach the qualified candidates across the globe. Our experienced consultants assist in providing services to prepare our valued clients in acquiring top talented candidates matching with company objectives.

Human Capital Planning is crucial, once an organization realizes that it’s employees are their most important strength. When an organization considers taking this principle seriously, the Human Capital Plan is an important tool that helps organizations focuses on actions that can ensure achieving their goals and to become a successful business. A human capital management review process provides a systematic assessment of an organization’s structure and staffing. It allows organizations to assess, plan for, and respond proactively to its human capital challenges and needs. GHRC helps to shape the organization better by building a plan to develop the workforce and practices needed to meet an organization’s vision, mission, and goals.

Human Resources Management (HRM) can be focused on different initiatives and HR Model makes them visible to managers and employees in the organization Human Resource Development (HRD) is always been keen in helping employees to develop their knowledge, personal and organizational skills and aptitudes. The ability, and encouragement, to continue to develop their skills help any organization to retain and motivate its employees. GHRC uses the key elements of organizational behavior theories, such as motivation, team building, and leadership to create the HR models. Each change of HR Program should begin with the change of the HR Model. It acts as a medium to find the right place for new roles and responsibilities. Healthy organizations always believe in continuous Human Resource Development.

Talent Acquisition

A talent acquisition specialist is an HR professional who specializes in sourcing, identifying and hiring specific types of employees. Certain industries, such as technology, finance, and healthcare, use talent acquisition specialists to fill important positions. Those who are meeting the key responsibilities of the job with essential Hard Skills and Soft Skills required for the position such as teamwork, organizational skills and working well under pressure to be successful in the role. GHRC plays a vital role in by evaluating each employee’s skills and abilities against the needs of the business unit. Creating a clear matrix, with critical competencies, is a useful tool for capturing this assessment.

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